CANTRILLS FILMNOTES is a review of independent film and video, with emphasis on experimental film, video art, digital media, and associated work in performance and installation art.

Publishing History: It was edited and published between 1971 and 2000 by filmmakers Arthur and Corinne Cantrill in Melbourne, Australia (although some issues were edited in the USA in 1973-'75 and Germany in 1985 while the editors were living there.) The final issue is octuple issue #93-100. Past issues have covered activity in Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A., Canada, Japan, The Philippines, Indonesia, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria and England.

Editorial policy: To document innovative work in Super-8 and 16mm film, animation, video, digital art, installation, sound and performance art.

Articles are in the form of writing by the artists discussing their work, interviews, and critical writing (in that order of frequency), with much visual material, in the case of films, mainly frame enlargements. Books reviews are included in each issue.

International film and video artists documented include: Len Lye, Harry Smith, Nam June Paik, Red Grooms, Stan Brakhage, Gregory Markopoulos, Vincent Grenier, Pat O'Neill, Nathaniel Dorsky, Michael Mideke, George Kuchar, Mike Kuchar, the SILT group, Louis Hock, Steina and Woody Vasulka, John Whitney, Takahiko Iimura, Yann Beauvais, Rose Lowder, Teo Hernandez, Jeff Keen, Marc Adrian, Ulisses Carrion, Akihiko Morishita, Christian Lebrat, Mike Hoolboom, Barbara Sternberg, Phil Hoffman, Al Razutis, Ellie Epp, as well as Australian filmmakers.

Physical dimensions: The magazine is 'landscape' format: 270 mm x 210 mm, 72 pages, well-printed, with 8 pages in colour. There is no advertising.

Back Issues: All back issues are still available.

Index: Also available is a 128 page INDEX TO CANTRILLS FILMNOTES, covering issues #1 to #51/52. It has entries under Contributors, Film and Video Titles, Names and Subjects. There is also a summary of the contents of issues #1 to #51/52.

A 52 page INDEX TO CANTRILLS FILMNOTES, Issues #53/54 to #93-100, complements the above Index. All issues and the Indexes are available from the address below.

Address: PO Box 716, Castlemaine, Vic. 3450, Australia.


The publication of Cantrills Filmnotes was assisted by the Australian Film Commission from issue #45/46, Oct. 1984 until issue #91/92, Dec. 1998.

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As Cantrills Filmnotes has ceased publication, subscriptions no longer apply. Back issues are available, price on application, as some issues are larger than others.

A commendation for Cantrills Filmnotes from Nam June Paik (he refers to his interview in issue #13, 1973):

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